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Unreal Engine 4 Custom Features - Hevedy

Custom engine features added for custom graphics features and low cost rendering.

Note the IBLs system is made by Chosker not mine and the Bloom changes are based on the Froyok blog post, but implemented modified in my branch by me.


- Multipass SSAO provides more than one layer of detail, good to have small and big details as rooms sides etc.

- Local IBLs provides a prebaked solution for realtime illumination that allows to catch the whole world illumination in seconds and change it in realtime.

- Normal maps control allows to fully control the dark side of the lights, which allow you to use lights as fake bounces in world or characters rather than invest in more lights.

- Per Detail Mode allows to fully control each detail level of the game with unique assets.

- Anamorphic Bloom let you have horizontal spread only effect on bloom.

- Lightweight desktop lights let you choose per light quaility mode on/off when its enabled bypass a good part of PBR correct light so you can save up 50% in different cases, useful for detail lights.

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